Body corporate management

Why Body Corporate Management?

Having a Body Corporate Manager will ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard with the least amount of input by the Owners.

Owners often mistakenly assume that SHAY Solutions is the body corporate. In fact, our role is to act as a contractor to the body corporate to provide you with services and advice.  You and the other owners are the body corporate and  decisions made about the management of your property will be made by you.

how it works

SHAY works with you to manage your body corporate by:

  • Attending and providing documentation for AGM and other meetings as, and when, required
  • Direct invoicing to tenants where applicable
  • Ensuring all Body Corporate Rules are implemented
  • Ensuring all legal requirements of the Body Corporate are met
  • Establishing a realistic Budget
  • Completing GST and Tax Returns as required
  • Operating individual bank accounts for each Body Corporate
  • Organising Insurance as per Unit Titles Act requirements
  • Organising Valuations for Insurance Purposes

We  provide maintenance services relating to the day-to-day property management as part of the services covered by our fee. Maintenance items will be either raised at the AGM for completion during the year, or from a direct instruction from the Owners’ Committee or unit Owner. You will receive an annual report on all the maintenance for your body corporate at the Annual General Meeting.

We do not operate a Trust Account. We set up separate high interest earning bank accounts for each body corporate. This account forms part of the portfolio of accounts that are presently held at BNZ Commercial Banking.  The BNZ will set up two accounts, one for day-to-day operations and the other to transfer surplus funds into.  The operational account will have bank fees capped at $5.00 per month, and the savings account will attract the current competitive interest rate.  This flat bank fee and interest applies to each bank account directly, and is to the direct advantage of each body corporate.

Why not contact us now and talk with us about your Body Corporate Management requirements? We will  provide you with a proposal and a quote targeted to your needs.