Unit Titles Act 2010

On June 20, 2011 the Unit Titles Act 2010 came into force.  This Act repeals and replaces the Unit Titles Act 1972 and its purpose is to provide a legal framework for the ownership and management of multi-unit developments by communities of individual owners. The changes to the legislation are significant and reflect the changing nature of the property market in New Zealand. This document contains guidelines for good practice compliance with the 2010 Act.

Unit Titles Regulations 2011

The Unit Titles Regulations 2011 are designed to help bodies corporate implement the Unit Titles Act 2010. It contains the detail of implementing the Act such as processes, clarifications and examples of forms that can be used.

An Introduction to the Body Corporate AGM

This booklet was produced by SHAY to explain the process of calling an AGM, provide answers to frequently asked questions and talks about SHAY's systems for these meetings.

Guidelines for Bodies' Corporate Committees

The Guidelines set out the roles of the Body Corporate Chairperson, the Committee and the Manager. It explains the delegation of duties and the responsibilities of the Committee.