property management

Why us?

SHAY's main focus is supporting their clients manage their property and has considerable expertise in ensuring your assets are well looked after.

What would we do?

Examples of services we could provide include:

  • Collection of rents and outgoings - payments will be made to the landlord within 30 days of collection.
  • Site visits - the timing of these visits and the items to be checked will be agreed.
  • Maintenance - we have a dedicated maintenance team who have built relationships with contractors with a record of providing quality services. We can manage day to day maintenance needs and projects for specific repairs.
  • Quarterly reports - we will keep you updated about your property through comprehensive regular reports.

How it works

We work with you to make managing your property stress free.  The first step is to contact us for an obligation fee chat. We'll run through your  requirements for property management services with you. From there we will provide you with a proposal describing the services you want us to provide and what actions you have agreed to so our processes will achieve the outcomes you want.  Once the services have been finalised we can begin working together to ensure your property is well managed and maintained to a high standard.

What you can expect

We will work on your behalf to ensure your tenants are on time with their rent payments, your property is well maintained and you are getting a good return on your investment.